vexovoid band


Vexovoid is a Sci-Fi themed Progressive Thrash Metal band born in Tuscany in the late 2013. After some time in a thrashcore band, Leo, Danny and Salvatore, they decide to work on a new project mixing furious and complex sounds with some Sci-Fi atmosphere ispired by the sound of Vektor and Voivod.


Immediately after the publication of the self-released EP "HERALDS OF THE STARS" in 2014, Salvatore quit the band for returning to live in Sicily. The remaining members, were in search of a replacement, when they found Mattia, who joined their ranks, first as live member and then as the proper drummer.


After a years spent abducting thrashers and terraforming stages all over Italy, in 2017 the trio sign a contract with ETN Records to realize their first full-lenght album, "CALL OF THE STARFORGER".


Some time after the release of the album they feel the need to add a second guitar to give more full-bodied sound in their live performance and find Morgan. With this reinforced formation they ride across the europe to bring a new era of space exploration, laser-beams and obscure cosmic forces.


Danny Brunelli

Voice - Bass

Leonardo Bellavista


Morgan Bernardini


Mattia Mornelli


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